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Discipline, Excellence, & Professionalism in Formation Flying


Mission Statement: Training Squadron One (TRARON) serves to provide oversight, leadership, and instruction for CAF Pilots and Aircraft on the standards & certification of safe formation flying.  

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Updates for 2024:

#1. New Online FPR and Paperwork Form

Please click on the link below to upload your paper FPR form.  This portal also accepts check ride and other paperwork.  

If you need paper forms, TRARON uses standard FAST Forms.  See link. 

#2.  Pay your 2024 TRARON Dues Online

Clicking on the link below will also allow you to pay your TRARON dues.  Options include paying two years of TRARON dues to extend your currency into the next year.  You can also opt to join TRARON as a "Member Only" if a Formation card is not needed or you are in training.    

#3.  New Clinics Scheduled for 2024

Coming soon are more details on TRARON Clinics for 2024.  Check back regularly for more details.  

San Antonio (KSSF) - January 12-15, 2024

NATA Houston Formation Clinic (KTME) - March 7-10, 2024

Click HERE for NATA's Website

NATA Gainesville, TX (KGLE) - March 21-24, 2024

Click HERE for NATA's Website

San Angelo (KSJT) - September 24, 2024

Contact Sam Strahan for more details -

Peachtree City (KFFC) - Coming Soon 2024!

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