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Custom Links For Pre-Populated Data

Good News!  The CAF Electronic Hold Harmless system does allow for data to be included in the URL.  This helps save time and effort on the part of the signee by automatically pre-populating data.  Follow the steps below to create your customized link. 

Option #1:  Click on the button below to build your customized URL link based on the information you provide.  Common data pre-filled information includes:

1. Signee Information (Adult, Youth, Pilot, Volunteer)
2. Which Unit
3. Which Aircraft
4. Ride Price

Custom Links for Advanced Users

Option #2:  For advanced users.  You can easily create your own custom link.  You can in theory pre-fill any form field on the Hold Harmless.  


Note: This might be a great option for if you pre-sell rides online and want to pass information from the point of sale to the hold harmless to make it easy and convenient for the rider. 

Step #1: start with the root URL:

Step#2: There are 3 symbols that you will use to distinguish information:

  1. ? - goes in between the second form URL and the first field name from the second form that you are trying to populate. You will not use this symbol again

  2. = - goes in between each field name from the second form and the information you want to fill that field in with (whether you type it manually or want to use info from another form). You will use this for each field that you want to pre-populate

  3. & - goes in between each of the field info and the next field name that you want to populate. You will use this for every set of fields that you want to populate

Step #3:  Use a word editer to customize your URL.



Custom QR Code Generator

There are lots of free QR code generators.  Keep in mind that all your doing in this step is turning a website URL link into a picture version for easy scanning.  Infact, most all smark phones today use the camera application to scan the QR code and open a browser on the device.  Below is a free code generator from Adobe.  

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