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Ride Desk Recommendations

Ok....I get it.  You're asking our ride desk folks to ask people to fill out an electronic form in the sun, while standing on a crowded ramp at an airshow, with limited wifi?  

Yes....and here are my person recommendations on how to run your ride desk.  It's actually not very difficult.   

Step #1:  Create a custom URL which pre-populates your Unit, Aircraft, and Price.  Click HERE to do this.  Then create a custom QR code with that link.  

Step #2:  Print this QR code and label it with the info.  Have it on display at your Ride desk.  

Step #3.  Whenever a rider shows up for a flight.  Ask if they have completed the Hold Harmless online before the flight.  If so, go to our verification list HERE and search by their first and last name.  They should pop up within seconds and verify their basic information.  Signing at home is always preferable.  Use some of our links in your point of sale to direct them to sign after they purchase online.  You can even flow data from online sales system to our hold harmless to pre-populate a riders name and personal information. 

If they haven't signed at home.  Ask them if they have a smart phone and if they are able to scan a QR code.  All smart phones do this through their camera app.  The QR link should automatically pre-populate the forms Unit, Aircraft, and Price.  The rest of the information most riders should be able to complete without the aid of anyone from the ride desk.  

Most advanced ride desks will have a computer, ipad, or even an iphone for accessing the verification list.  Keep refreshing the list as the most recent submissions will always be at the top.  Or use the search feature if you need it. 

Step #4.  Stay old school with your manifest.  Keep a clipboard and paper for who's actually on the aircraft as well as who has signed a verified Hold Harmless on file.  This situation is always too dynamic to go digital.  It also needs to be easily accessible in the case of an emergency.  My suggestion would be to keep a check box along the side of each name for something you can check off once the rider has completed the Hold Harmless and you've verified it.  

Step #5.  Always have a backup.  Keep paper and clipboards of CAF Hold Harmless information in case WIFI goes down or you have a problem.  If this happens contact HQ and we can easily import the data into the system for the tax letters.  

Step #6.  Escort your riders to the aircraft and have a great flight.  The good news is that your job is done!  The data will come back to HQ automatically and whenever you want to access your data we'll be happy to do an export.  

Any questions or suggestions....Contact David Oliver


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