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Welcome to the Mobile Maintenance Detachment

Serving the needs of CAF Maintenance around the globe.  This team is dedicated to excellent in aircraft warbird maintenance.  Any aircraft, anywhere, anytime.  The CAF Mobile Maintenance Detachment is there to return CAF aircraft to service.  

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Current Missions:

PT-26 in Milwaukee WI:

This PT-26 is in need of a Quick Engine Change (QEC).  Current plans are underway to provide a serviceable Ranger engine from Dallas.  The engine needs to be trucked up to Wisconsin and changed.  Airplane also needs a new serviceable gear leg as well as some light tailwheel repairs.  This airplane is slated for the New Unit Initiative and likely to go to the new Unit in Hudson Valley.   

PT-26 & PT-22 in Brownsville, TX:

Both of these aircraft have been turned back in to HQ and will need ferry flight services back to Dallas.  Both aircraft are airworthy except for some starter issues on the PT-26.  Looking for a mechanic to travel to South Texas to service aircraft and get them ready for ferry back to Dallas.  

PT-19 in Oklahoma City, OK:

This aircraft has been turned back into HQ.  The aircraft is in need of an annual inspection.  An initial visit was made by David Oliver and a squawk list was generated.  Aircraft has two overhauled magnetos needing installation as well as a new ignition harness.  

Focke Wolfe-44 in Brownsville, TX:

This aircraft has been turned back into HQ.  It needs to be disassembled and ground transported back to Dallas.  CAF HQ has all of the truck and trailer equipment for the mission.  

For the latest information please feel free to email David Oliver at or call 630-853-9624.  

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