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Hold Harmless Verification

How do you know if someone has successfully completed a Hold Harmless?


Method #1: On site Visual Verification

This is where you witness the individual completing the document online.  This often looks like an individual who is directed to our Hold Harmless website and you supervise their completion of the online document.  You might ask the rider or passenger to show you the completion message once the document is signed.  The completion message looks something like this.  

Method #2: Link to Online Verification List

Just like a phone book the online verification link allows you as the pilot or ride desk to give a positive indication that your passenger has successfully completed our hold harmless.  The verification link below gives you easy access to see all submitted names for verification.  The easy search bar feature allows you to type in any data to retrieve the information quickly.  Due to security the only information you should need to verify a successful hold harmless on file are the basic data of name, age, and zipcode.  We have also included the emergency contact information so as to allow the information to be accessed easily and quickly in the event of an emergency.   Click on the link below to view the online verification tool.  

Method #3: Custom Email to Your Unit

This method sends an email to your Unit every time somebody completes a Hold Harmless.  The way this works is that every time your Unit is selected in the dropdown menu and the Hold Harmless is completed, the finished documents will be emailed to a Unit specific email of your choosing.  Click on the link below to designate an specific email for your CAF Unit.  

Online Verification Table Instructions:

Be sure to "refresh" your browser anytime new submissions are completed.  This keeps your verification list up to date. 

Ignore... No Login Required

Minor Verification

Most recent completed Hold Harmless always at the top

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