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Aircraft :   Aeronca L3E  
Location: Currently in San Diego CA, will be moved to So-Cal Wing in Camarillo CA for safe keeping.  The aircaft was flown last in Feb.23

Latest Inspection:     Unknown

Aircraft Total Time:   2861.3

Tach Time:                 864.3

Engine SMOH:           41.36 (break-in done)

Prop SMOH:               Unknown

L-3E N36687 taxi
L-3E N36687 Nose 3
L-3E N36687 L side
L-3E N36687 Nose
L-3E N36687 Nose 2

AC Annuac: $
AC Liability: $
(insured value $)
Aircraft Comprehensive (2.13%): $

 Aircraft Airmeet: $
Minimum Fund Balance: $

MCRP rate: $

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