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CAFR 66-1: Step 1 of 5


Congratulations on starting the CAFR 66-1 Maintenance Training Course.  This page is an introduction to the course.  Each of the red arrows and bubbles is intended to show you how to navigate the course.  

Course Outline:

  • The course consists of four videos that are each about 15 minutes or less.

  • The training is required for ALL persons (A&P's and non A&P's) who perform maintenance on CAF aircraft.  

  • This course and test must be completed each 12 calendar months.  

  • At the end of the course there will be a test on the subjects covered.

  • The test is open book and must be completed in order to receive credit for completion.  

  • Have fun and learn something.  Call CAF HQ if you have any questions.  

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CAF Safety Stand Down

In this video we discuss an overview of the CAF safety record in 2016 and discuss new ways of communication and collaboration for improving in 2017. 

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The forward and back buttons are used for course navigation.  

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