Online Training


  • CAFR 60-1 Pilot Training

  • Exemption 6802 Pilot Training

  • TRARON Formation Training

  • CAFR 66-1 Maintenance Training

  • CAF Marshal Training

  • CAF Drug & Alcohol Training

Online Forms


  • CAF Form 600 (Transition Letters)

  • LHFE Flight Training Forms

  • Oil Sample Kit Request

  • Logbook Pages Request

  • CAF Flight Suit Request

  • Regulation Guidance

  • Safety Information

  • Video Resources

  • Ground School Resources

  • Inspection Checklists



RallyPoint is the CAF online tracking system for logging CAF flight time, maintenance status.  It is available to all pilots, mechanics, and elected unit staff.  

CAF Website


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Aviation Safety is an important part of the CAF culture.  To understand past incidents and accidents is important in preventing future issues.