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Welcome to the CAF Electronic Hold Harmless System

Below are your instructions to get started using the system

Step #1:  Hold Harmless Completion

Step #1 always starts with the rider, passenger, or flight crewmember completing the hold harmless agreement electronically.  This can be done at a computer at home, on an iPad, or even from any smart phone at the ride desk.  It all starts with the link below which can be accessed at any time.  We even have a QR code.  see below.

Right click and save this

image for your ride desk

Note for Minors:

Only a legal parent or guardian can sign a hold harmless for a minnor.  If an adult is signing for a minor please click the option to add a minor to the hold harmless form.  It's important to note that for security reasons the only data we collect on minors is their name.  No other personal information on minors is allowed to be collected.  

Note For Advanced Users:

The CAF Hold Harmless form includes two drop down menus for the CAF Aircraft and the CAF Unit.  To save time and make the completion of the form easier for signee's, a QR code as well as a custom link with pre-filled information can be created to save time and make your ride desk operation easier and faster.  Any data can be appended to the URL link to "pre-fill" any bits of data that you desire.  Please contact David Oliver at to know more.  For custom pre-filed Aircraft and Unit links click on the button below.  

Step #2:  Verification

Step #2 is ensuring that the document has been signed and completed.  You as the pilot or ride desk are always responsible for making sure the hold harmless document is completed prior to flight.  This is certainly to ensure that the CAF is legally protected from liability.  There are two methods to do this.......


Method #1: On site Visual Verification

This is where you witness the individual completing the document online.  This often looks like an individual who is directed to our Hold Harmless website and you supervise their completion of the online document.  You might ask the rider or passenger to show you the completion message once the document is signed.  The completion message looks something like this.  

Method #2: Link to Online Verification

Just like a phone book the online verification link allows you as the pilot or ride desk to give a positive indication that your passenger has successfully completed our hold harmless.  The verification link below gives you easy access to see all submitted names for verification.  Due to security the only information you should need to verify a successful hold harmless on file are the basic data of name, age, and zipcode.  Click on the link below to view the online verification tool.  

Step #3:  Go Fly! 

Note: Verification of Minors

Because minor information is well guarded.  When verifying that a minor is cleared to fly via hold harmless.  Please search for the parent or legal guardians name as the signer.  When you find the parent or guardian the last column in the verification table will include a note that minor information is included.  You will not see the minors name but when information from the parent or signee is verified and a minor information is included, then the minor is cleared to fly.  

Sample Verification Page:

Be sure to hit your page refresh to ensure your seeing the most upto date list of completed hold harmless submissions

Be sure to "refresh" your browser anytime new submissions are completed.  This keeps your verification list up to date. 

Ignore... No Login Required

Minor Verification

Most recent completed Hold Harmless always at the top

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