Jan 15, 2017

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  • acesii
    Oct 22

    I am the current the leader of the Marshalling Detachment as of January 2019. I'm not much into social media or blogs but found this site and thought I'd start here and make myself available. I have been a member of the CAF since July 2009. I have also served as the Detachment's Training Officer in the three years prior to becoming the Leader. I am part of the Devil Dog Squadron and have been serving as the Safety Officer for that group. Daily I am a Senior Claim Adjuster starting my 25th year with 29 years in the industry. I was also in the Air Force, retiring from the Reserve as an E6/Technical Sergeant in 09/2005 after 22.5 years where I worked primarily as an Egress Repairman. I also served and trained on the flight-line, with fuel systems, and with Public Affairs. I am proud to have worked part of my Air Force career with one of the founding members of the Detachment, Mike Schultz (M.Sgt., USAF, Retired). He is the reason I am with the CAF and the Marshalling Detachment today. I think we're a great group with which to be associated. To borrow from the Navy list of a Carrier Flight Deck Crew - Marshallers are sometimes: Yellow shirt (A/C handling officers/Plane Directors); Green shirt (Helo landing signalman); White shirt (Safety Observers, and sometimes medical first response); Red shirt (sometimes a "Crash" and "salvage" crew, a "Firefighter"); Blue shirt (Tractor [tug] driver; a Messenger; a Chocks and chains (tie down rope), and Plane Director trainees); or a Purple shirt (fuel handlers) and so on. We are a mix of backgrounds and experiences. We are all over the US. We are made up of non-military, former military, not necessarily a pilot types who love being around old airplanes and supporting the CAF's mission. We are intentional about Safety. All are welcome to try their hand to see if the Marshalling Detachment is the place in the CAF for them. No experience is necessary. We have both a Marshalling and Cadet training program under the supervision of our Training Officer.