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Aircraft : Stinson L-5 Sentinel Project
Location: Moving to Dallas, CAF HQ

Currently in storage at Gillespie Field in San Diego

Will be moved to HQ Restoration Hangar in Dallas 

in late June, early July

This aircraft is a very advanced project it has some restored parts, It is dissassebled and needs some fabric work.

Latest Inspection:  In Restoration 

Airframe Total Time:   Approx. 3461.1

Engine SMOH:  238.6 STOH 26.7     

Prop TTSN 28.3   

Transponder:    N/A       

L Side Fuselage w Paint-1
R side no fabric-1
R side front w firewall-1
L5 Paint Prep (2)-1
Nose Art L side 2-1
L5 Paint (tail)-1
Nose Art L side 1-1
R side no fabric
R side fabric applied

AC Liability: $
(insured value )
Aircraft Comprehensive (2.13%): $

Aircraft Airmeet: $
Minimum Fund Balance: $

MCRP rate: $

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