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Aircraft : N224X SNJ-4
Location: Florida Wing (DeLand KDED)

This is a flying aircraft, it's currently assigned to the Florida Wing.  The wing has spent approx $70,000 on upgrades


Fresh Dec22 Annual (not flown since Annual)

Engine 1037.7 SMOH

Prop  359.2 SMOH 

Airframe Total time is 7721 hours

List of new stuff:

New forward cockpit shelf

New electric boost pump and primer

New Stratus ESG adsb out transponder 

GTR 220 installed 11/25/20

New cowl lug pads

New cowl ring pads

New Prometheus Pro LED lights 

New light covers

New gear pin windows

New Redline brake system

2 New cylinders and pistons

1 New piston 

New starter

New starter vibrator

New starter solenoid 

Installed new gear lights

Installed starter light

New hydraulic hand pump

New Airtex ELT

New gear door hinges

New canopy glass LH front.


Image 07

AC Annuac: $
AC Liability: $
Aircraft Comprehensive (2%): 
Deductible: $

Aircraft Airmeet: $
Minimum Fund Balance: $

MCRP rate: $

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